Top Funny Moments in Indian Women’s Cricket

Cricket players are known for their extreme professionalism and dedication on the field, contributing to the sport’s reputation as a serious one. But even in the competitive world of cricket, there are times when the players relax as well as have a few laughs. This also applies to the Indian women’s cricket squad, who have given us some incredibly memorable along with a funny moments over the years that have had us in stitches. As per yesterday cricket match highlights, these 10 amusing moments, which range from hilarious celebrations to on-field gaffes, will definitely make you smile.

Jhulan Goswami’s Signature Celebration

Enter the spectacular “Naagin dance” celebration – it’s identifiable with Jhulan Goswami. After every wicket, the well-known Indian bowler who’s famous for her lethal delivery becomes a captivating entertainer. She glides along the grass as if she, a snake herself. The crowd is all eyes on Goswami, and her lovely smile and shining eyes add to their anticipation. They expect, even hope for that one day when she can perform her “Naagin dance” routine in front of the people with all the moves and the energy that she saw while enjoying musicals as a child. This joyous tradition has come to be an essential part of Indian women’s cricket.

Smriti Mandhana’s Batting Stance Blunder

In a high-stakes match versus England, the exquisite Indian batter Smriti Mandhana found herself in a hilariously perilous predicament. Her shoelaces suddenly turned into an unexpected enemy as she moved boldly to the crease. Mandhana stepped right on her loose laces, losing her balance alongside almost falling. She had no idea what was about to happen. The poised batter became an animated acrobat in an instant, thrashing her arms wildly as if she were trying to find her balance. As cameras filmed Mandhana’s amazing reactions as well as funny antics, the entire stadium erupted in wild laughter, transforming a potentially embarrassing incident into a remarkable demonstration of sportsmanship and good humour.

Harmanpreet Kaur’s Mic Drop Moment

The charismatic former captain Harmanpreet Kaur, who is renowned for her brilliant batting as well as leadership abilities, unintentionally stole the show with a funny mic drop moment. Kaur boldly stepped up to the microphone at a post-match presentation, prepared to offer her opinions. But the microphone from her hand in an instant, as well as it fell to the ground with a loud thud that shook the stadium. An uneasy quiet fell over the room as Kaur’s eyes became wide with amazement at this unexpected turn of events. The audience was in stitches as the cricketing icon’s priceless expression along with the hilarious sound of the mic’s impact turned an ordinary interview into an amazing moment of inadvertent comedy.

Mithali Raj’s Memorable Banter

At a press conference, Mithali Raj, who represents elegance in addition to poise on the cricket field, took everyone by surprise with her witty remarks. Raj, who was known for her stern manner, revealed her funny side in response to a really odd inquiry. The famous cricket player didn’t lose a beat when asked to pick between her love of batting along with sleeping, as well as she quips with a playful gleam in her eye, “Batting, because I can sleep after that.” The audience laughed heartily as the audience was taken aback by the impromptu as well as hilarious response. Raj’s witty repartee broke through her restrained exterior at that very moment, showcasing a charmingly lighthearted side that won over both admirers as well as the media.

Shikha Pandey’s Fielding Fiasco

During a match against New Zealand, Shikha Pandey, an accomplished all-rounder for the Indian women’s cricket team, had an embarrassing situation. A straightforward catch appeared while Pandey was fielding in the outfield; however, he miscalculated the direction as well as spilled the ball in a hilarious way. It was hilarious to watch her response and her teammates’ facial expressions.

Deepti Sharma’s Unexpected Stumping

Known for her versatility, Deepti Sharma had a really funny experience during a game against South Africa. She accidentally stumped the batter while bowling, but her response was wonderful. Sharma appeared completely stunned along with perplexed, as though she was having trouble believing what had just transpired. The joy and laughter of her teammates just made the situation funnier.

Veda Krishnamurthy’s Celebratory Stumble

India’s unusually talented hitter, Veda Krishnamurthy, had a memorable moment in the game against Sri Lanka. Krishnamurthy was so overjoyed at landing the winning hit that when she started off toward the pavilion, rattled about in all directions too much before finally falling over from sheer happiness. Laughing along with the teammates’ concern for her is the video clip of Krishnamurthy’s caught catch, which makes it unforgettable.

Poonam Yadav’s Wicket-Taking Antics

That being the case, Yadav is often said to have a “crazy delivery” Marking the wicket in some kind of victory celebration, Yadav has leapt into the air and run at least a hundred yards forward since taking wicket. Cricket followers all over the world can now share in her unfettered joy and accompanying acrobatics.

Punam Raut’s Batting Blooper

In the match against Australia, Punam Raut incurred an event that she would rather soon forget. Raut tripped and tumbled onto the pitch, losing her head as she tried a pull shot. Her team-mates could not help but burst into peals of laughter when she got to her feet again, which added a comic touch to the whole incident.

Taniya Bhatia’s Wicket-Keeping Mishap

In an England game, India’s female cricketer and wicketkeeper Taniya Bhatia had quite an embarrassing moment. As Bhatia tried to retrieve a delivery from the outfield beneath her at pitch level, she misread the bound; so instead of reaching its intended recipient, that ball cracked her helmet plus sent it flying towards square leg. A hilarious chase of her helmet and how her teammates reacted made this one memorable moment in the annals of Indian women’s cricket.


These ten absurd moments in Indian women’s cricket provide a moment of comic relief. And as cricket fans we can accompany hard-hitting batsmen with a cricket live video app. These incidents, some funny ways of celebrating a good play and others bizarre acts of ineptitude on the field, have not only caused viewers at home to laugh but have also helped convey intently the group spirit as well as great comradeship of an entire Indian women’s cricket team. Instantly memorable visual incidents such as these will remain in the memories of people for years to come and help the team make deeper inroads into world cricket.

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